Bassday Mogul Minnow

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The Mogul Minnow 66 is a suspending twitch bait our bream and bass anglers are going to love.

Featuring an internal weight transfer system for optimum casting performance and an enticing side-to-side action when twitched and paused, this is a lure that will grab the attention of anglers and fish alike.

Profound in its action, with an attention grabbing side-to-side cadence this is a lure that will equally grab the attention of anglers and invoke a positive, aggressive response from jerk bait-loving fish. Stunning ultra-realistic colours and textbook Japanese attention to detail make this a must have suspending jerkbait for bream, bass, trout, and mangrove jack.

  • Style: Suspending
  • Size: 66mm
  • Weight: 5g
  • Depth: 0.8m
  • Action: Darting/wobble n roll
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