Berkley Powerbait 4" Minnow


The original Berkley Power Minnow is our biggest selling plastic bait by far. These can be used just about anywhere, estuaries, reefs, bluewater, freshwater or impoundments. No tackle box should be without these classic fish catchers. Still winning bream and bass tournaments to this day, the baitfish profile combined with a ?wounded baitfish? retrieve is deadly on a wide range of Australian fish. The minnow can be fished from top water all the way to the bottom with the appropriate Nitro jig head. Better technology and better value than any other plastisol based baits on the market.


PowerBait soft plastics are scented and flavoured with the exclusive PowerBait formula that is uniquely infused into the plastic itself, fish bite and won?t let go!


Model Length Recommended Nitro Jigheads Hook Size Guide

PowerBait Dropshot Minnow 4 inch Bream Pro, Finesse, Torpedo, Junglehook #1, 1/0, 2/0

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