Berkley Powerbait 8" Eel


Extremely lifelike with an irresistible tail action, the Berkley PowerBait 8” eel delivers a life-like eel profile, complete with 3D eyes and natural translucent colours.

Berkley® PowerBait 8 inch Eel is the perfect bait to mimic long and slender prey. At 8 inches long it’s a big fish specialist. The eel tail-fin provides a subtle fluttering action on the drop and an erratic darting action on the twitch that predators find hard to resist.

Rig the Eel on a Nitro Saltwater Pro or Stealth jighead in the salt for big Snapper and Kingfish or rigged weed-less for prospecting weed-beds for Barra and mega flathead. There are no rules with the 8’”Eel.

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