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  1. Chasing Jewish Fish and Threadfin Salmon with Adam and Gavin

    Chasing Jewish Fish and Threadfin Salmon with Adam and Gavin

    We recently sent Adam and Gavin out to chase some of their favourite species, with a boatload of the latest gear as well as some old favourites. 

    They packed the camera gear (Gavin’s phone) so you can come along with them on the journey and check out how a couple of the best fishos from around the Brisbane area go about targeting Jewfish and Threadfin Salmon.

    Adam and Gavin’s TikTok Adventures Part 1!

    In the first installment of this video series, Adam and Gavin chase Jewfish and Flathead locally in a s

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    In this month’s edition of The Tackle Warehouse newsletter we talk to our resident barramundi expert Adam Meredith about the upcoming 2023 runoff in Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory. Adam has a great barramundi “Resume” with 4 Barra Classics under his belt including a runner-up visitor team placing in 2013 as well as winning the ABT Barra Teemburra Dam event in 2022 and the 2019 Lake Awoonga Australian Barramundi Open.

    With such a great pool of knowledge to draw from, we thought we would pick his brain about what to consider and what lures to take, if you are planning on fishing the runoff 2023!

    Best Runoff in years!

    2023 has so far proven to be the year that barramundi anglers in the Northern Territory and Far North Queensland have been waiting for! This year has seen a return to traditional “Big Wet” that has been lacking for several seasons now and the fishing is going to be electric!

    With the solid downpours up north,

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  3. Cracking Christmas Gift Ideas

    Cracking Christmas Gift Ideas

    Cracking Christmas Gift Ideas

    It’s almost Christmas time again. It feels like every year it’s sneaking up on us quicker than the last! 

    That means it’s time to think about getting your online orders in ASAP to ensure they arrive in time.  Or of course you can order online and click and collect instore if you’re in the area, or just pop down to the shop to have a chat to the guys about what gear you might need.

    We’ve got a whole bunch of the latest and greatest products in stock, with something for everyone this year.  Check out just some of the great products we have in stock ready to go!


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  4. Must Have Barra Gear

    Must Have Barra Gear

    One of our fishing experts Adam recently fished the first ABT Barra tournament of the season at Lake Awoonga.

    Adam’s team had a pretty good start to the season despite the tough fishing conditions nabbing fourth spot! Adam told us the water temperature had a big impact. As did the fact there has been a lot of weed growth since the inflow, giving the fish plenty of spots to hide! The plus side, there are plenty of bony bream and bait about and it is ready to explode out there.

    If you’re thinking of heading to Awoonga in the next few weeks, check out some of the must have gear Adam recommends below. Bear in mind conditions can change pretty quickly, but this gear should have you on the right track to land yourself some nice fish!

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  5. Getting to Know Gordon

    Getting to Know Gordon

    It’s officially Winter and although the temperature is dropping around the country, the fishing is heating up in a lot of the states. In this month’s newsletter we profile one of The Tackle Warehouse's longest serving team members Gordon Macdonald. Gordon has worked as part of the Tackle Warehouse team for nearly 26 years and is a wealth of fishing knowledge. We picked Gordon’s brain to find out what keeps him casting and keen to keep learning after such a long time in the industry.

    We also have some great new products from Nomad Tackle, Shimano, Daiwa, Rapala and Zman. Grab a blanket and a warm cup of Milo, and enjoy this month's newsletter.

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  6. Getting Jigging With It

    Getting Jigging With It

    Slow jigging isn’t a new tactic for targeting hardfighting (and often delicious!) deep water species, but it is a very specific technique that can take some time to master. This month we’ve asked our resident slow jigging expert Tom Gray to give us his breakdown of what to do to get the best results from this awesome style of fishing.

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  7. Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

    Holiday Shopping Survival Guide


    With 2020 almost in the rear vision, we head into everybody’s favourite time of year, the pre-xmas rush!

    Xmas 2020 will be like no other before it. With a lot of the world’s largest fishing tackle distributors only just starting to recover from the impacts of COVID19, stocks around the country are slowly coming back, but are a little thin on the ground.

    You Snooze, You Lose!

    First in is literally going to be best dressed this year so plan your shopping and get in early! Not only is stock in lower numbers than usual, Australia Post is experiencing delays in getting that well thought out gift quickly to the intended recipient.

    Do your research now online, call or drop into the store to ensure that you have the best chance to buy the best gift for that special angler in your life this year! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

    Now although there is a short supply of gear coming in from our international stockists right now, mos

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  8. Holiday Impoundment Barramundi

    With the pandemic slowly improving around the country and summer around the corner, people are starting to plan their holidays. With the current travel restrictions in place, a lot of Australians are taking this year as a perfect opportunity to plan that dream trip and tick off a bucket list fish.

    For a lot of Australian’s the top of that list is the mighty barramundi, and although closed season coincides with the majority of the traditional Xmas break, it doesn’t mean that you can’t tackle these trophy fish in one of our sensational impoundments. Our resident barramundi expert Adam gives us the lowdown on how to give yourself the best chance of finding these sometimes elusive fish, on your hard earned holiday break!

    We also have great new products from Diawa, Penn, Reserve D-Style, OSP and Shimano.


    Holiday Impoundment Barramundi

    Summer holidays 20/21

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  9. New Products in Stock Right Now!

    Running a business during a worldwide pandemic is certainly something we never expected and in all honesty, weren’t sure how to handle. The good news is that we are still here and despite the last few months, we are trading and looking forward to a strong end to the year!

    There will still be some challenges with supply from some of our overseas stockists as the world as a whole tries to navigate the pandemic, but we are confident that we can continue to bring you Australia's best range, new products and expert advice. Check out some of the exciting new gear available this month as well as a sneak peak of some exciting new gear about to land on our shores.

    If you aren’t currently on lockdown, give our team a call and get all the gear you need for your next fishing session!

    Stay safe everyone and happy fishing from The Tackle Warehouse Team



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  10. 2020 Heavy Hitters!

    It’s no great secret that when it comes to premium fishing tackle, the names Daiwa and Shimano have been at the forefront of fishing innovation for the last half a century or more and nothing gets tackle nuts more excited than when they release their new flagship reels. The new Daiwa Saltiga and Shimano Stella are absolutely brimming with the very latest technology to give the angler a world beating experience.<!

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