Daiwa Aird 100HA

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The new Aird 100H shows that quality doesn’t always have to come at a price. The ultimate entry level baitcaster, the Aird combines dark, brooding, imposing good looks with contemporary design, performance and unrivaled strength to create a reel that is as impressive in style as it is in the hand and on the water.

Featuring Daiwa’s legendary design brilliance the Aird 100H integrates many of Daiwa’s finest technologies and designs to deliver anglers one of the most feature packed, action packed, and value packed baitcasters for some time.

You’ve Been Framed

Aird excellence starts with its rock solid frame, with its corrosion resistant, high strength construction blending with Daiwa ergonomics and design to deliver anglers a reel that sits comfortably and assuredly in the hand. Housed within the impenetrable frame is the Aird’s bulletproof gearing system.

Designed and engineered to perfection the Aird’s gears mesh seamlessly for unrivaled gear precision and power, while its large swept handle improves reel balance and performance by bringing the balance point of the reel closer to the centre axis of the reel for maximum cranking power and feel.

Non-slip large ergonomic knobs deliver a comfortable connection between angler and reel, with their non-slip design putting power and control right in the angler’s hand.

Drag Act

The Aird’s impressive gearing system is matched by an equally impressive drag system with Daiwa’s famous Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) provides an impressive 5.5kg of drag. Featuring a multi washer carbon drag stack the Aird’s UTD gives you the power to take control and muscle big fish when needed.

The Aird’s large capacity, high strength spool provides plenty of storage capacity (5.5kg/110metres), while his perfectly balanced and refined design ensures optimum reel and rotational balance. Flawless casting precision and effortless cranking control are the name of the game with the Daiwa Aird 100H.

Cast Control

Daiwa’s Magforce magnetic cast control system delivers unrivalled line control, with back lashes a thing of the past with the open access spool allowing full thumb access to the spool during the cast, while Magforce allows trouble free, pin-point casts every time.

Designed to provide optimum casting control and performance for light and heavy weights, Magforce ensures Aird 100H stands out from the pack when it comes to casting control in an entry-level baitcaster.

Spec’d Out

Nine ball bearings ensure optimum smoothness and rotational refinement, while a 6.3:1 retrieve ratio provides all-round suitability for a host of species and techniques.

Dark and rugged on the outside, yet smooth and refined on the inside the Aird 100H is the ultimate coming together of strength, looks, and performance, and combine to make it one of the must-have baitcaster for those on a budget and those looking for power, strength, and quality.



  • Bulletproof gearing system
  • Non-slip Large Ergonomic Knobs
  • Magforce Magnetic Cast Control System
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Multi Washer Carbon Drag Stack
  • Nine ball bearings
  • UTD


Gear Ratio

#Ball Bearings

Wt. (g)

Drag Pressure (kg)

Spool Capacity

Aird 100H

6.3:1 (65cm)




5.5 kg (12lb)/110m, 6.3kg (14lb)/90m


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