Daiwa Emeraldas Egi Bag Small

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Out of stock!!

The finest jigs need the finest protection and there’s no finer way to protect them than with the new Emeraldas Egi Holders.

This premier storage system is designed for the world’s best squid jigs.  The new must-have squid jig storage system features an EVA, heavy-duty vinyl, and corrosion resistant zip construction that delivers outstanding strength and unrivalled protection.

Emeraldas Case

A keel slot in the EVA bases locks each jig securely in place while a transparent polycarbonate panel protects both the angler and jigs from unwanted hook-ups and damage.

There are four models in the range, designed to suirt different size jigs and qty’s. The small model holds 5 jigs upto size 4 and features a alloy caribeena clip for attachment to your belt or bag, this will keep you light, mobile and on the move. The Medium is made for jigs up to 2.5 size and will hold 8 jigs. The Large and the LW will hold jigs up to size 4, with the large holding 10 jigs through to the expansive and accommodating double sided LW model holding 20 jigs. The Emeraldas Egi Holder has the options and range to meet your needs.

Designed to integrate and fit perfectly into Emeraldas storage bags the Emeraldas Egi Holder delivers the function and design you’ve grown to love and expect from the famous Emeraldas name.

The best storage system for the world’s best squid jigs there’s nothing better than the new Emeraldas Egi Holders from Daiwa.

19 x 13 x 3cm