Daiwa Lexa HD


Big fish beware because the Daiwa Lexa HD is here and it’s here to do some damage. Big, bold and a sight to be behold the heavy duty of the Lexa is the biggest, baddest and toughest low profile offshore reel that Daiwa has to offer, with its new aluminium open access frame and invincible internals built to take down any fish.

Don’t let its impressive size and build fool you though because it fits ergonomically and comfortably in the hand with the ease befitting a baitcaster. The rock solid aluminium frame and side plates are highly corrosion resistant and provide an impenetrable housing for Lexa HD’s bullet proof gearing system. The all-metal frame supports Daiwa’s biggest and toughest gears ever.

Designed and engineered to perfection they mesh seamlessly for unrivalled gear precision and power, while a huge swept handle improves reel balance and performance by bringing the balance point of the reel closer to the centre axis of the reel for maximum cranking power and feel.

The Lexa’s large single EVA knob, counter balanced, power handle allows you take full control, with cranking balance and power completely in your hands. The impressive cranking power is matched by Daiwa’s legendary UTD– Ultimate Tournament Drag that dishes out up to a whopping 12kg of drag. Featuring a multi washer carbon drag stack the Lexa HD’s UTD will puts the power in your hands to stop just about anything that swims.

A heavy drag calls for heavy line and lots of it and the large capacity aluminium spool is as deep and as wide as they come, giving you all the room you need to load up this powerhouse with plenty of your favourite line.

Casting control is right at your fingertips, with Daiwa’s Magforce magnetic cast control system delivering unrivalled cast control regardless of the conditions or an angler’s casting experience and abilities. Back lashes are a thing of the past with the open access spool design allowing full thumb access to the spool during the cast while the Magforce casting control system delivers trouble free pin point casts every time. Magforce combines the best aspects of modern magnetic, and centrifugal breaking for unmatched casting performance, making the Lexa HD a dream to cast.

Infinite Anti-Reverse and Dual Stopper technologies combine, delivering the Lexa a level of cranking control and precision akin to more expensive reels, and work effortlessly together to eliminate rearward handle backplay for increased reel sensitivity, hook setting power and line control. Seven ball bearings, including 6 CRBB, further enhance the reel’s silky smooth ways, making it one of the most refined, yet rugged, large low profile jigging reels available

A perfect marriage of refinement and brawn the Lexa HD is the ultimate heavy-duty low profile jigging reel. If battling hard pulling reef species like kingfish, snapper and mulloway are on your hit list then the Lexa HD is the weapon you need to get the job done.


  • Open access low profile frame
  • Aluminium frame and side plate
  • Magforce magnetic cast control
  • Infinite anti reverse
  • Dual stopper
  • UTD – Ultimate Tournament Drag
  • Machined aluminium spool
  • Swept handle
  • 6 CRBB  ball bearings



Gear Ratio

#Ball Bearings

Wt. (g)

Drag Pressure (kg)

Spool Capacity


7.1 (83cm)


320 gm

10 kg

PE 4/220m, 5/160m


7.1 (96cm)


460 gm

12 kg

PE 5/270m,8/180m


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