Tackle Tactics Snagless Weight System Jigheads

Ideal for impoundment barra fishing with soft plastic frogs or swimbaits.

Available on either heavy Gamakatsu® or XH Mustad® hooks, these neutrally weighted jigheads enable anglers to rig their favourite bait in a way that minimises the risk of fouling on weeds.

Ranging from a 2/0 1/12oz combo up to an 8/0 1/4oz, these versatile hooks can be used on most popular bait shapes and sizes, and are ideal for frog baits aimed at impoundment barra, saratoga and large bass.

These jigheads are also ideal for adding extra weight to stick baits aimed at surface feeding pelagics. They also give larger plastics a great slow neutral sink when fished in the wash amongst rocky structure.