Tackle Tactics Switchblade 1/2oz

The TT Switchblade opens up a whole new world of possibilities for light tackle addicts. Breamin, bassin, what-everin'. This little beauty is growing a reputation as a giant-killer.

A metal vibration bait, the Switchblade is the weapon of choice for light tackle sports fishing anglers in fresh and saltwater. Available in 1/8, 1/4 & 1/2oz, this pocket rocket features 3 different tow points, giving the angler the ability to adjust the lure's action to suit the water depth and current.

This lure can be hopped or slow-rolled across shallow flats, vertically jigged against steep structure, or burned mid-water through schooled fish.

The Switchblade has proven itself time and again in some of the toughest tournament conditions, nailing kicker bream and bass from deeper water. It excels in dirty conditions, the blade body giving off just the right shimmy to attract predatory strikes from fish.

Switchblade's are accounting for more and more species everyday, small snapper on light bream tackle, reefies over shallow flats in the tropics, and fat trout and yellowbelly in the southern impoundments.