Palms Slow Blatt S

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Palms set out to create a model which will appropriately take a horizontal position while limiting its sliding distance. In addition, it was vital for the lure to maintain that position as long as possible to show the target the side position of the lure. In order to do so, the weight balance was pushing boundaries, nearing the limit where the hook would pick up the line. As a result, we were able to realize a lure with a centre balanced body.

By maintaining a horizontal position during its sinking, it takes a longer time for it to hit the bottom. However, this was the purpose for this design, to appeal to the target as long as possible.

The asymmetrical body also helps the lure to fall irregularly, inducing further bites from its flashing effect.

Through the water resistance against the side of the body, a strong flashing effect is created along with an irregular action during its fall. Its distinct feature is the horizontal body position and its slow falling speed.



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