Team Daiwa Sol III

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LT (Light Tough)

L…. Light

– Light Weight Body

– Light Weight Spool

– Light Weight Handle

T…. Tough

– Tough Body Material

– Tough Digigear

– Tough Drag

One of the biggest innovations and influences on fishing techniques for the past decades can be attributed to one product – the introduction of super braided lines in the early 1990’s. Since its introduction fishing techniques and styles have evolved faster than ever before especially with spinning reels. Traditionally heavy tackle fishing was with overheads or larger heavier spinning reels, but today, anglers are targeting ever larger species with spinning reels and stronger thinner super lines, what is needed is a new way of thinking for the spinning reel, designed to suit angler’s requirements for now and future techniques with super lines.

Over the past few years Daiwa have been developing a whole new concept based around this thought, developing a spinning reel that is lighter, stronger and more compact than ever before…. Introducing LT or Light Tough.

  • New LT design has evolved to suit the new generation of PE/Braid lines
  • New LT reels have higher line capacity
  • New LT reels have higher drag capacity
  • New LT reels have stronger gearing
  • New LT reels are smaller, lighter and more powerful


Daiwa has always had a long history of innovation, in 2010, Daiwa pioneered the ground-breaking technology- Magseal, Zaion and Air Rotor, a combination that set the future for all Daiwa spinning reels. Originally introduced in our flagship reels like Saltiga, Certate and Exist, it was only a matter of time before we introduced it into Australia’s most popular spinning reel ever, the TD Sol. Developed over the past two years, TD Sol III shows Daiwa’s commitment to introduce its best design innovations into a new generation of reels.

TD Sol III is the first reel to feature the all new future design concept LT or “Light Tough” heralding a new generation and direction for Daiwa reel innovation.


The new TD Sol III introduces new innovations and unparalleled designs, the combination of Magseal, Zaion, Air Rotor and the new concept LT making it one of our most technically advanced reels. You will feel more connected to lures, detect more bites and fight fish with ease…. real design and real technological development for “Technology to Feel”.


  • Real Four
  • Zaion Body
  • Digigear
  • Mag Sealed
  • Magsealed Line Roller
  • Engine plate
  • Air Rotor
  • ABS II
  • Twistbuster II
  • Airbail
  • ATD
  • 9 BB including 5 CRBB
  • Real Stopper
  • Infinite Anti Reverse
  • Tight Silent Oscillation
  • EVA ball knob



Gear Ratio

#Ball Bearings

Wt. (g)

Drag (Kg)

Spool Capacity


5.2 (68cm)

9 + 1 (5CRBB)

170 gm

5 kg

2.7kg/200m, 3.6kg/150m PE 0.6/400m, 0.8/300m


5.3 (75 cm)

9 + 1 (5CRBB)

180 gm

10 kg

3.6kg/220m, 5.4kg/150m PE 1/360m, 1.2/300m


5.2 (68cm)

9 + 1 (5CRBB)

175 gm

5 kg

PE 1.0/140m Nylon


5.3 (80 cm)

9 + 1 (5CRBB)

190 gm

10 kg

4.5kg/260m, 5.4kg/200m PE 1.2/430m, 1.5/300m


5.2 (82 cm)

9 + 1 (5CRBB)

225 gm

12 kg

6.3kg/230m, 9.1kg/150m PE 2/300m, 2.5/260m


5.6 (95 cm)

9 + 1 (5CRBB)

240 gm

12 kg

6.3kg/260m, 11.4kg/150m PE2/350m, 2.5/300m


5.6 (101cm)

9 + 1 (5CRBB)

310 gm

12 kg

9.1kg/250m, 13.6kg/150m PE 2.5/420m, 3/300m

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