The Bassday Yaminama Sniper

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The Bassday Yaminama Sniper features a unique 0.8mm aluminium cup that gets the lure waddling across the surface quickly. A large brass plate mounted under the belly hits the lure under retrieve making a distinct fish-attracting sound while night-time anglers will also love the built in chemical light holder (2.9mm diameter lights) that ensures you can not only hear your lure, but you can see it as well.

A single treble hook sits on the rear ensuring accurate weighting for anglers wanting to add a pause to their retrieve with the lure sitting seductively on the surface. Casting is accurate with the lure weighing 15.0 grams.

This lure will come into its own with summer approaching and the enigmatic bass moving to surface feeding as the cicadas come on is summer. Don't stop there though as cod and other surface feeders will find the action of the Yaminama Sniper irresistible.

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