Zerek Giant Ruby

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The Giant Ruby crankbait is a beefed-up cousin of the Ruby crank.

Armed with a bigger bib, this formidable addition to the Zerek family is set to stir up the underwater currents with its wide wobbling action, as it meanders through the underwater obstacles between the depths of 4m to 5m.

The Giant Ruby's robust form further enhances its castability, while the heavy-duty construction using quality ABS material helps withstand crushing jaws of voracious predators. In addition, the superior buoyancy of this crankbait's design permits the use of heavy duty reinforced trebles specially designed to subdue dirty fighting predators.

Add to this a brilliant casting system, where a casting weight transfers to the rear of the lure during casting before being rolled and locked near the front of the lure during retrieve, and the Giant Ruby can cast the extra yards and dive just that little steeper when required.

The Giant Ruby will appeal to anglers chasing large predators such as barramundi, Murray cod, golden perch, flathead and Australian bass in rivers and impoundments.




Giant Ruby Crankbait 75mm



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