Zerek Jet Popper 130mm

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The Zerek Jet Popper is constructed from abs material to ensure toughness and this is backed up by a through wire construction.

A 50g, rear weighed popper, the Jet Popper is a very versatile topwater bait designed with an aerodynamic tail end for stability during casting and during retrieves.

The Jet Popper also features a specially designed tunnel below its head which allows water and air to flow through during a rip or retrieve, giving off an incredible bubble trail that hungry predators hone in on from long distances.

You can straight retrieve the Jet Popper, creating a subsurface lure that wobbles seductively just below the water's surface. When worked with a rod sweep the Jet Popper acts like a stickbait with a realistic wobbling action and smoky bubble trail. When worked with a rod rip, the lure chugs loudly as it displaces water on the surface leaving a large disturbance and a bubble trail for predators to follow to the lure!

At 130mm long and weighing 50g, the Jet Popper is a mid-sized lure that will be effective on many aggressive pelagic fish. The 10 colours in the range will also appeal to fish and anglers, making this little dynamite lure one of those lures you just want to fish till the last cast.




Zerek Jet Popper



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