Bone Hoverjet 130

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  • Topwater
  • 130mm
  • 28gr

The Bone Hoverjet is a brilliant lure that brings together two topwater concepts in the one lure.

The Hoverjet is a multifunction topwater bait that weighs an easy casting 28g. The Hoverjet's specially designed aerodynamic shape allows the plug to cast like a bullet and reach distant targets where wary fish hold.

With its flaps closed, working the HoverJet as a topwater pencil bait on the surface is effortless as it slides from side to side creating small splashes.

With the flaps open, the HoverJet transforms into a topwater prop bait that can be worked with a variety of retrieves to produce aggressive strikes. In fizzer mode a straight retrieve creates that classic chop of the blade on the water's surface that drives fish like jacks and barra crazy. If a louder fizz is needed, sharp rod tip rips produce a distinctive fizzing chop which will draw fish from afar to investigate.

The HoverJet is unlike any topwater bait on the market in Australia and will be a must-have in any tackle box if topwater is your game.







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