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Every fisherman is different — each has different goals, secret spots, and fishing styles. And so, you’ll have your go-to equipment and must-have accessories. We believe every fisherman needs a good range of fishing lures and jig heads in their tackle box, though.

Seasoned fishing enthusiasts will know how important a fishing lure is to attract the attention of the fish we’re targeting. These lures mimic the motions of our target fish’s prey, encouraging the fish to strike your hook. Jig heads make the perfect companion to your fishing lures. These add weight to the lure to help achieve that prey-like motion just right.

Just like fishing lures, jig heads come in a variety of styles, hook sizes, and weights. So, you can choose the best head for your lure and targeted fish. It’s important to consider the weight of these as well as where the weight is located. 

A heavier jig head will sink to the bottom quicker — ideal for fish that hunt quick prey. A jig head with a front-placed weight will sink with its head forwards, whereas a centred weight will float down evenly. So, it’s important to consider the fish you’re targeting, their prey, and how you can mimic that with your fishing lures and jig heads.

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