1. 2020 Heavy Hitters!

    It’s no great secret that when it comes to premium fishing tackle, the names Daiwa and Shimano have been at the forefront of fishing innovation for the last half a century or more and nothing gets tackle nuts more excited than when they release their new flagship reels. The new Daiwa Saltiga and Shimano Stella are absolutely brimming with the very latest technology to give the angler a world beating experience.

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  2. Flying Flatfish! - Flathead on surface lures

    Flathead are one of Australia’s most popular sport and table fish and it’s no secret that they love to eat artificial lures. In the last couple of years, anglers around the country have been challenging the preconceived notion that bottom-feeding flathead can only be targeted by bouncing lures across the bottom of estuaries, bays and beaches.

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  3. Our 2020 Fishing Vision

    Our 2020 Fishing Vision!

    It’s hard to believe we are already in 2020! 

    To get things started the right way, we’ve asked The Tackle Warehouse crew to share their fishing goals for 2020. One consistent pattern that we see with every good angler is that they set themselves new goals all the time. Whether it’s learning a new technique, targeting a new species or breaking a personal best, setting a goal is the starting point of all great achievements

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  4. Flathead Fundamentals

    With yet another successful Flathead Classic on the Gold Coast, we thought we would share some tips on how to target these great sports and table fish. The humble flathead is one of Australia’s favourite sportfish and their willingness to aggressively attack a number of different baits and lure styles makes them a great target in our local estuaries, bays and beaches.

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  5. Australian BARRA Open Championships

    2019 Venom Rods Barra Australian Open Champions!

    The Australian Barra Open is a three day event that attracts some of Australia’s best Barramundi anglers. This year,14 teams faced off on the mighty Lake Awoonga (near Gladstone) in incredibly trying conditions looking to weigh in the largest bag of 5 fish each day. With a grand prize of $5000 on the line (not to mention bragging rights), the scene was set for a mighty battle.

    This year despite the difficult conditions, Adam was able to team up with Troy from Wilson Fishing and secure a victory with an overall bag of 37.57 kg over the 3 days, more than 10kg clear of their next opponent. Adam was happy to share some of the key factors and decision making that helped Team Venom walk away with the winners trophy!

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  6. Spring Speedsters! - Targeting September Pelagics

    Now that the chill of winter is starting to fade, switched on anglers are gearing up to chase some of the fastest and toughest fighting fish in Australian waters. September sees the return of warmer currents along the East Coast of Australia and with these warmer currents we see a run of very sought after sports fish.

    Species like dolphin fish, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, GT and kingfish start congregating off some of our closer inshore reefs giving those with a capable boat and appropriate safety gear the opportunity to wrestle with some of our favourite string pullers.

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  7. Beach fishing in winter and spring

    This month we are going to look at beach fishing. We have some fantastic fishing on our doorstep and the best time to fish our local beaches is right now. Late winter and early spring are the prime time for most of our beach target species and the generally stable weather patterns at this time of year make fishing the beach pleasant for beginners and old hands alike.

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  8. Basic snapper tactics - Part 2

    In Part 2 of Basic Snapper Tactics, we continue to investigate some of the more technical considerations for targeting these awesome red fish and ultimately maximising your chances of catching one. The importance and impact of tidal movement, line choice, lure styles and the other gear required will all be covered.

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  9. Basic snapper tactics - Part 1

    For Australian anglers, the colder months are the prime time to get out and target one of our more sought after and iconic sport and table fish - The Mighty Snapper!

    Although snapper are a year round proposition, the cooler months coincide with the snapper’s peak breeding period along the East Coast. This offers opportunity for smaller boats, kayaks and even land-based anglers to probe the bays, river mouths and estuaries in search of snapper. This month we’ve put together some of the key points and tips that will improve your chances of catching these crimson fish.

    In Part 1 we cover options for targeting snapper with bait, offering hints on rigs that promote great bait presentation that optimise the chance of catching that t

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  10. Catching Yellowfin Bream on the Gold Coast

    Photo Credit:
    Photo Credit: If you're fishing in the canals around the Gold Coast, you may want to try your luck at catching a few Yellowfin Bream.  This common fish, also known as, sea bream and silver bream, have a silvery/bronze body and yellowish ventral and anal fins.  It can sometimes be confused with Tarwhine and Pikey Bream. Their common size is 25 cm, with a maximum length of 65 cm.  Maximum bag limit is 30 bream total including Pikey, and Tarwhine.  Minimum size for possession is 25 cm.

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