Cherry Blood Deep 90

Gravity-centre Shifting System
Pinpoint casting is unexpectedly required in a game in the mainstream. Anglers need to take into account some elements that are not needed in still water, such as strength of the stream, etc. Anglers unconsciously set the splashdown point of lure at the time of casting, assuming the course to trace the lure. The slightest deviation of the splashdown point may cause the lure to go off course to a large extent by the water flow.

When designing CHERRY BLOOD, we attached importance not only to "long casting performance" but to "accuracy performance". The gravity-centre shifting system & body form allows you to cast in the most stable condition so as not to lose balance. In order not to lose casting balance during casting because of incomplete weight movement, etc., we adopted a simple method for the gravity-centre shifting system, which, combined with aero form design in the rear, realized extraordinary casting performance. As a result, this minnow casts straight to the target point without any stress.
Stability that does not lose a balance in the stream

The cherry salmon game attacks mainly in the stream. It is impossible to attack a target point if the lure loses a balance and goes off course in the stream. CHERRY BLOOD is strong to the stream and its excellent stability transfers the motion of lure to your hand.
Easy to pull and superior in manoeuvrability.

Notwithstanding great stability, this lure is very easy to pull and easy to make irregular action to get reaction bite. The knack of making irregular action is to break down a balance for a moment when retrieving, by shifting full weight (which is locked in the front) to the rear with jerking. The full weight moves to the front when line tension is added, and you will get stable rolling action instantly.
Basic action is Rolling
It has a bit tight rolling action high in response, although the movement looks different according to colour.
Sinking Depth in the Stream : 1-1.5m for MD, and 1.8-2.3m for Deep
This is the depth within the casting range. The lure dives a little bit deeper when retrieve distance is long. The depth may change according to various conditions, such as rod tip position, line thickness, etc.

Type: Floating
Total length: 90mm
Weight: 10 2g
Hook owner ST - 36BC # 6
Maximum travelling depth: 1.8 - 2. 3m