Jackall Bros Chibitarel - Gantarel Jnr





Hook Size





Front ST46TN # 2 / rear ST46TN # 3

Segmented for an ultrarealistic movement, the Jackall Chibitarel/Gantarel Jr. delivers a smooth S-shaped swimming action that stimulates predacious instincts. Able to perform 180-degree turns with a sharp jerk, it evokes reflex-driven reaction strikes from cautious followers.
Constructed with several subtle, yet innovative features, it is built with a swivelling line-tie and swivelling hook hangers, which reduce line twists and limit a fish’s ability to use the lure as leverage during a fight. At the chin, the Jackall Chibitarel/Gantarel Jr. features an extra hanger that allows anglers to fine-tune the rate-of-fall with the addition of a weight.
On each side, moulded pectoral fins work to enhance stability and cause the lures to dive at a realistic angle. For quick-and-easy trailer hook attachment it is fitted with a perforation moulded into the tail design. Offered in some of the most realistic finishes on the market, the Jackall Chibitarel/Gantarel Jr. is a must-have for any serious fisherman.