Jackall Bros Gantarel

Crafted with an unequalled attention-to-detail and two durable joints, the segmented Jackall Gantarel creates an incredibly realistic bluegill imitation that will fool the largest and most seasoned fish. On either side, the Jackall Gantarel is moulded with extended pectoral fins, which enhance stability and allow the lure to dive down to 3-feet with a smooth, S-shaped swimming action. Able to perform 180-degree turns with a sharp jerk, the Jackall Gantarel evokes reflex-driven reaction strikes from fish that may be interested, but not fully committed.

Constructed with a number of subtle, yet innovative features, the Jackall Gantarel is built with a swivelling line-tie that reduces line twists and a chin hanger that allows anglers to add weight for a slow-sinking presentation. At the rear, the Jackall Gantarel incorporates an eye moulded into the tail, so anglers can attach an optional trailer hook. Fitted with two swivelling, feathered treble hooks, the Jackall Gantarel is a must-have for any fisherman.

Length: 160mm

Weight: 70gr

Type: Floating