Lucky Craft Pointer 100dd Barra

DD equals Deep Diver.  Listen up all your Pointer fans.  Lucky Craft now has a new Pointer minnow to add to their repertoire.  The new Pointer 100DD is a deeper diving version of the popular Poper 100SP.  This new Pointer 100 DD is a great bait for fishing a few feet deeper than the original 100 SP.  This bait will dive about 6-7 feet deep and suspend when paused.  It has a wider wobble than the Pointer 100 SP and still has the same body style.  This bait can be used for a bigger profile bait in lin of the Staysee 90 SP.  When the fish are holding out a little deeper this bait will get in their face and aggravate them to strike.


Life like metallic scale finish

Decoy W-77 Trebbles