Atomic Hardz Slim Twitcher

  • 4 Sizes
  • Classic Jerkbait
  • Wobble and Roll Action

The new Hardz Slim Twitcher is an innovative shaped casting lure suitable for bluewater and even impoundment use. This is a classic jerk bait. The lure comes in 95mm up to 145mm lengths covering a wide range of predatory fish.

The lighter 95mm length are suspending, allowing anglers to slowly work the lure next to structure or across the face of a fish. The 110, 125 and 145mm lengths are a slow float.

All have a tight wobble and roll action. The 145mm which has a slightly wider wobble and roll. The lure is made of durable hard plastic with ultra-strong terminal connections and come rigged with ultra-sharp hooks.

Model: 95mm | style: Suspending | size: 95mm | weight 10g | action: tight wobble and roll | depth: 1.5m

Model: 110mm | style: slow float | size: 110mm | weight 15.2g | action: tight wobble and tight roll | depth: 1.5m

Model: 125mm | style: slow float | size: 125mm | weight 22.3g |action: tight wobble and tight roll | depth: 2m

Model: 145mm | style: floating | size: 145mm | weight 26.9g | action: wobble and roll | depth: 1.5m