Samaki Vibelicious 125mm

Samaki Vibelicious 125mm/30gr

30gr - 125mm

Samaki Vibelicious fish shimmers to life the moment it hits the water. Mimicking the baitfish

perfectly its irresistible to all predators whether it be on the drop, a slow retrieve, a hop, skip and a

jump along the bottom or slow trolling method. 

Samaki Vibelicious fish is constructed of the highest qualty 10x material for maximum life

expectancy against nasty teeth, ultra strong wire for durability and premium chemically

sharpened hooks to ensure repeated hook ups.

For inshore reef fishing or stealthy estuary casting the Vibelicious fish ticks all the boxes.

Threadfin Salmon Mangrove Jack Barramundi Flathead Snapper Jewfish 

Pre rigged with the latest Premium range from VMC called Spark Point, designed for Barra being forged 4x and razor sharp.