Nomad Chug Norris 180mm

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180mm - 120g Floating - The Chug Norris is designed to be the ultimate popper! The Chug Norris was designed to take the least amount of effort to achieve maximum results, it makes that awesome thumping ‘pop’ as the cup catches the water’s surface. It sticks to the water’s surface, reducing the dreaded popper tumble and it casts like a bullet. When subsurface the Chug Norris displays an awesome swimming action that just makes fish go wild The ultra-deep cup face designed round at the bottom and square at the top, and curved body contours may not be the noticed at first, but these subtle attributes are what makes this lure unique.

Built from a new HD ABS plastic with the highest strength to weight ratio you’ll find in any lure manufacturing material. The 180mm/120g size features an extra thick outer shell and stainless steel metal plate, the body is then filled with foam for the ultimate in strength and durability.

Rigged with Inline 11/0 Singles.

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