Nomad Madscad 115mm

The Nomad Madscad 115mm/42g is designed to imitate the typical deep bodied baitfish such as Fusiliers and Herring. Refined over a few years of prototyping and testing the subtle features like the flattened top of the head, scalloped curve of sides and small tail wings all make the action on this lure dynamic.

The Madscad is perfectly balanced allowing it to sink level and will wiggle on the drop due to the unique scalloped sides. It has an erratic swimming action when twitched on a cast retreive.

The Madscad 115mm/42g performed extremely well when tested over coral reef flats catch a huge array of species including solid GTs, Red Bass, Coral Trout, Emperors and has caught some great Longtail and Yellowfin Tuna casting around bait balls.

Built with the same HD ABS plastic and stamped metal plate on all Nomad Designs lures, the Madscad is built tough!!!!

The Madscad 115/42g comes pre rigged with super sharp BKK inline single hooks.