Platypus Platinum 500m

Platypus Platinum™ gives you a line that has the advantages of low diameter with the value for money that only local manufacturers can provide.

Through years of consultation with Australian anglers, Platypus has created a thin diameter monofilament without compromising qualities like abrasion resistance or knot strength.

Thinner diameter means decreased friction on the line so that your lure can work deeper and is more responsive due to the low-elongation (stretch) properties of the monofilament.

Reduced diameter means more line on your spool allowing you more line (and time) to fight those bruisers from the deep.

Platinum™ is thinner than most monofilaments
IGFA rated sizes (not 10 lb, 25 lb or 40 lb)
Low stretch for added sensitivity and improved lure action
100% Australian made, owned and operated
Construction Platinum™ is a co-polymer nylon monofilament
Additives Ultraviolet inhibitors and heat stabilisers
Breaking strains
Platinum™ is available in 4 lb (0.16mm), 6 lb (0.20mm), 8 lb (0.22mm), 10 lb (0.25mm), 12 lb (0.27mm), 15 lb (0.30mm), 20 lb (0.35mm), 25 lb (0.40mm), 30 lb (0.45mm), 40 lb (0.50mm) and 50 lb (0.55mm).