Rapala X-Rap Countdown 7

Cast it out and count it down, that’s how your fish the CountDown method; a legendary technique invented by Rapala many years ago. Throw in some X-Rap flare and you’ve got one hard flashing, super attractive, modern sinking lure – Rapala’s X-Rap CountDown.

Designed for normal and fast retrieves, the X-Rap CountDown is your best option at reaching those deeper fish. It sinks with a flutter 30% faster than the traditional Rapala CD, and casts further too.

The flat sides introduce a strong kicking response with a good combination of rolling and wobbling action, at a ratio of around 60 to 40. Xtreme flash in an X-Rap style is emitted from all angles as the X-Rap CountDown travels through the water.

  • Consistent Depth Control
  • Stronng Rolling Action
  • Flutter Action on Drop
  • Sinking
  • X-Rap Finish
  • 3D Holographic Eye
  • Black Nickel VMC Hooks
  • Hand Tuned & Tank Tested
  • SPECIES: Bass, Trout, Salmon, Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Tailor
  • TECHNIQUE: Casting & Trolling
  • RUNNING DEPTH: 0.6-1.2m
  • ENVIRONMENT: Freshwater & Saltwater
  • 7cm
  • 10gr