RMG Poltergeist 80mm

The ultimate crash diver is the Poltergeist 80. This means that the moment you start retrieving the lure it dives almost straight down. This makes it ideal for casting to structures where there is limited room and you require the lure to get as deep as possible and as quickly as possible. When casting, the Poltergeist 80 allows the maximum time at deep depth. When trolling the lure dives deep quickly and travels along at around 5 metres with a shuffling action.

The Poltergeist 80 is ideal where the lure is being dragged over a rock bar or shallow area (say 4 metres deep). It will travel over the bottom, hitting it regularly, but when it reaches the other side of the feature (where the water gets deep again) it immediately tries to crash dive down the other side. This is often where large predatory fish are waiting and this lure dives straight to them. This makes crash divers ideal when trolling from a shallower area over a deep drop off.


  • Trolling Speed                   0.5 to 3 Knots
  • Weight                               17 Grams
  • Length                               80mm, 3.1 Inches
  • Hooks                                #2 Mustad 5XX Trebles
  • Applications                      Trolling, Casting
  • Buoyancy                          Floating