Samaki Thumper 100mm

Samaki Thumpoer 100mm/22gr

Samaki Vibelicious Thumper Tail thumps to life as it drops to the depths. ITs natural swimming action transmits agressive vibrations on the lift with a strong thumping kick on the drop, holding it in the strikezone for longer. A unique hook holdding systems allows you to cast and retrieve without any tail wrap.

Constructed of the highest quality 10X material for super stretch and maximum life expectancy, mixed with ultra strong wire for durability and premium chemically sharpened hooks and you've got yourself a superb fish catching vibe.

Perfect for Threadfin Salmon, Mangrove Jack, Barramundi, Flathead, Snapper, Jewfish

  • 3d realistic fish eye
  • Life-like fish shape
  • Durable, ultra strong 10X stretch material
  • Stainless Steel Wire Construction
  • New Thumper Tail design, giving vibration on the lift and agressive thumpertail kick on the drop
  • Patent PEnding hook holding system