Westin Swim 65mm

SWIM is a very popular lure of many Scandinavian pro guides due to its cast-ability and easy to use. It cuts through the strongest wind and as soon as the reel starts turning, the unique s-shaped swimming pattern of Westin swim will trigger fish to strike. When you twitch or jerk it gently, it will dart side to side just below the surface which will drive fish crazy too! Anglers can use this lure in various depths depends on retrieve techniques.

Smaller 65mm model is a perfect size to target fish such as MANGROVE JACK, BASS, TARPON, SARATOGA, SOOTY GUNTER, REDFIN, and TROUT.

Length: 65mm

Weight: 9g


  • ABS plastic, lead-free
  • Running Depth: Below Surface - 3m
  • Full wire-through-body construction