Z-Man 9" Grubz

Finally a big curl tail grub that can stand up to the pickers and toothy critters! The ZMan 9"GrubZ is super-soft and flexible, yet up to 10X tougher than a standard soft plastic due to its ElaZtech construction. ElaZtech is a space-age plastic that is also buoyant, providing maximum action for minimal movement, while also floating the tail of the plastic up into the fishs face when at rest on the bottom, attracting fish and triggering strikes.

The long curly tail creates an irresistible action that has already proven deadly on barramundi, mulloway, cobia, yellowtail kingfish, pearl perch, dhufish, snapper and a variety of other offshore species. ZMans 9" GrubZ come in a pack of 3, making them excellent value.