Zerek 9" Flat Shad

The Zerek Flat Shads are patented lure invention never seen before. It works in such a way it makes it easy to hook a fish by squashing flat on strike exposing the hook to the unsuspecting fish. The slots or slits in the sides of the body result in the advantage. It also allows the lure to fold from head to tail and vice versa giving far easier hook ups on fish that suck lures in. 

The Flat Shad comes rigged weedless and can be successfully wound through most snags and rocky terrain but the downfall of this type of rigging is always that bites are hard to convert into hook ups and the patented design of the Flat Shad put the odds back into the fisherman's favour when fishing weedless. 

The Flat Shad can also be fished with a conventional lead jig head. The Flat Shad comes in 5, 7 and 9 inch and is made out of special elastic plastic that is more than 10 times stronger than conventional soft plastic lures.