Zerek Flat Shad Pro

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Taking in the revolutionary design features of the original Flat Shad, the Flat Shad Pro comes with a series of innovations to make these lures even more amazing.

At the heart of the new Flat Shad Pro lures is a softer TPE material. This softer material allows the lure to swim at slower speeds, allows lighter weight jigheads to be used and still retain the same strength and resistance to damage via stretching.

The weedless worm hook that comes with the lures has also been tinkered with. Firstly, it has been constructed with a little less weight as the softer body material does not need as much weight to get the lure drifting through the water column attractively. There is also a stinger attachment loop moulded into the hook's lead belly weight - perfect for attaching a belly stinger hook or tying a longer assist-style hook to. Smart anglers are also connecting a small spinnerbait blade to this attachment to provide extra flash. The options are endless with this attachment loop.

Available in the 7", 5", 4.5" and 3.5" versions, the Flat Shad Pro make an already unbelievably successful lure even more so.

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