Zerek Zappelin 115S

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The Zerek Zappelin has shrunk in the wash and become a brilliant sinking stickbait!

The Zerek Zappelin 115s is a 40g sinking pencil bait with exceptional castability.

Built with an ultra-tough ABS body, the lure has a through wire construction to withstand the toughest of fishing conditions.

Worked with a straight retrieve, the lure swims with a realistic, side to side sway, however an injured, darting action can be imparted on the lure by using a twitch and pause retrieve technique.

Available in 12 highly reflective baitfish patterns, the Zappelin 115S will be an ideal lure to use when bigger predators are not breaking the surface, but rather hunting fish below.





Zerek Zappelin 115 Sinking




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