Zerek Zappelin 220mm

Zappelin 220
The Zerek Zappelin 220 is a brilliant 220mm, 130g floating stickbait that is built to be punished. An ultra-strong ABS body is coupled with a through wire construction to provide a lure that is almost indestructible. Finished with forged split rings and 6x Mustad trebles, there is little doubt the Zerek Zappelin 220 is built to be worked hard. Used as either a cast and retrieve lure, where sweeps of the rod see the lure darting and dancing over the surface, or trolled behind the boat for a skittering and darting action, the Zerek Zappelin 220 is a very versatile topwater lure. 
Make no mistake, this is a lure built for the brutal battles that are found around reefs and bommies when targeting tropical thugs like GTs, tuna, mackerel and just about any reef fish that swims. 
Great colours - the Zerek Zappelin 200 is a must-have for anyone who wants to take on the meanest and nastiest saltwater predators.