Zerek Zappelin 160mm

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Out of stock!!

In a world where being tough is not necessarily enough, the Zerek Zappelin Stick Bait has arrived to take on the toughest fish found.

A surface stick bait at 160mm long, the Zappelin is squarely aimed at topwater predators such as giant trevally, mackerel, tuna and other pelagic predators. Built with an uncompromising attention to strength and action, the Zappelin is a sensational casting lure with a weight of 57g.

Worked with a sweep of the rod to give the stick bait a sensational gliding action, you can also simply crank this lure in fast to attract fish that want a little more speed. Diversity and strength in the one lure.

Rigged with 6x strong hooks and forged split rings, the Zappelin is ready to rumble straight out of the box. With 9 eye catching colours that represent natural baitfish and attractor colours, there is sure to be a Zappelin that will appeal to your local fish.