Must Have Barra Gear

One of our fishing experts Adam recently fished the first ABT Barra tournament of the season at Lake Awoonga.

Adam’s team had a pretty good start to the season despite the tough fishing conditions nabbing fourth spot! Adam told us the water temperature had a big impact. As did the fact there has been a lot of weed growth since the inflow, giving the fish plenty of spots to hide! The plus side, there are plenty of bony bream and bait about and it is ready to explode out there.

If you’re thinking of heading to Awoonga in the next few weeks, check out some of the must have gear Adam recommends below. Bear in mind conditions can change pretty quickly, but this gear should have you on the right track to land yourself some nice fish!

Sufix 832 Neon Lime 150 yards

Tackle Tactics Swimlockz

Saruna 125

Zerek LIve Mullet

Zerek Flat Shad ProZerek Flat Shad Pro

Daiwa BaitJunkie 6.2" Minnow


Molix Shad Swimbait 140mm


Live Fibre Blade N Tails 2019

Zerek Lure Fish Trap 110mm

Zerek Lure Fish Trap 95mm

Happy fishing from the entire team at The Tackle Warehouse!