Yeti coolers, eskies, travel mugs, and drink bottles are part of that unique stable of products that innovative people create because they were disappointed by what was available on the market. For the creators of Yeti products, what was missing was versatile and tough outdoor cooler accessories that were essential for adventurers.

It was a simple mission for the Yeti team. Make a lightweight Yeti cooler and drinkware that’s tough enough to be used in testing conditions or extreme environments.

Yeti eskies and coolers are durable but lightweight enough to be used every day in situations that test you and your equipment.

Yeti products keep cool under the heat of the blistering Australian sun and the pressure of outdoor adventuring

At The Tackle Warehouse in Brisbane, we stock the full range of Yeti Australia products, simply because we stock only proven products that our customers can rely on. Yeti is a leader in outdoor adventure and camping gear. See the largest range of Yeti products right here at The Tackle Warehouse in Brisbane.

YETI products

What makes Yeti so cool?

Tough as nails

Yeti drinkware is designed to handle rolling around in the back of a ute, dropped while someone is flying through the bush on a mountain bike, or tossed around in the bottom of a boat.

Every Yeti product, from drink bottles to eskies, is designed to take the punishment with reinforcement built into its design.


Yeti Australia has products designed to be used on the go. It starts with its weight. When you’re riding or hiking all day, you want a water bottle that doesn't become a burden.

Yeti designers wanted to improve the toughness of their products without compromising on their usefulness. In the outdoors, that usefulness is being lightweight.

Something for everyone

When you’re heading outdoors for an adventure, you want to pack as effectively as possible so you want one tool that can do it all.

Yeti Australia has a range of drinkware products to not only suit different tastes and functions but are versatile enough to be used in the wilds of the bush, or the busy office.

Five-year warranty

The makers of Yeti want you to be as confident in their product as they are in its design.

That's why every product from the drinking cup to the esky comes with a five-year warranty. When you are adventuring in the Australian wilderness, then you value reliability.

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YETI products

A closer look at Yeti Australia products

Yeti Drinkware

The Tackle Warehouse in Brisbane has an extensive range of Yeti Australia drink bottles and mugs.

There is a drink bottle designed with a non-slip base to stay upright on a boat and there is a lightweight drink bottle that's designed to be clipped to your belt while trekking through the bush, because Yeti is designed for a purpose.


Hard Yeti coolers and eskies

The Yeti hard cooler is what you want in the bottom of a boat or on the back of a farm ute. The solid insulation keeps everything cool and in peak condition for those long multi-day trips, with features that make it easy to use and versatile.

The hard coolers have tie-down points, and non-slip feet to help secure your cooler when things get a little rough. It's the attention to useful design that makes Yeti better than its competition.

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Soft Yeti coolers and eskies

When you need something versatile to carry on your next adventure, then you need a Yeti soft cooler. It's made with the latest foam insulation technology to be flexible while also sealing in the air for greater temperature control. The large open mouth makes it a breeze to pack and unpack while on the run. Discover the difference with a product designed with its outdoor use in mind.

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YETI products