Chasing Jewish Fish and Threadfin Salmon with Adam and Gavin

We recently sent Adam and Gavin out to chase some of their favourite species, with a boatload of the latest gear as well as some old favourites. 

They packed the camera gear (Gavin’s phone) so you can come along with them on the journey and check out how a couple of the best fishos from around the Brisbane area go about targeting Jewfish and Threadfin Salmon.

Adam and Gavin’s TikTok Adventures Part 1!

In the first installment of this video series, Adam and Gavin chase Jewfish and Flathead locally in a secret spot not far from Brisbane City. As usual the boys are armed to the teeth with half the store onboard Gavin’s boat.

The boys walk you through everything from Zerek FishtrapsSamaki VibesJackall Trans AmsMcarthy Paddle TailsMolix RT Shads, Keitech Easy Shiners, Pro Lure Clone Prawns and Daiwa Steez Soft Shell. The boys sound up some fish and get to work! 


Adam and Gavin’s TikTok Adventures Part 2!

Gavin kicks things off with a nice school Jewfish on the Zerek Fishtrap (on the ever effective “bronze cherry” colour). The fishing is red hot despite the sharks trying to ruin all the fun!

Gavin does most of the hard work including some great Threadfin on the Molix RT Shad while Adam does his best paparazzi impression with the camera. Adam does give some great advice about how to attach your vibes for the best chance of staying connected.

Adam does his best to redeem himself with a late lure change to a Samaki Hardlicious…will it pay off?


Adam and Gavin’s TikTok Adventures Part 3!

Adam puts in the work using the great new Samaki Hardlicious on some sleepy Threadfin Salmon. Gavin gives his retrieve techniques when using the Zerek Fishtrap.

Adam’s love affair with the ‘bronze cherry’ colourway continues while Gavin seems to catch everything with every lure he tries, including the mysterious ‘Bung-eye’ Threadfin!


Adam and Gavin’s TikTok Adventures Part 4!

Adam and Gavin walk us through what worked for them on this session, including hook upgrades, rods and reels, scent application, braid and leader choice




Zerek Fishtraps

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Samaki Vibes

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Jackall Trans Ams

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McArthy Paddle Tails

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Molix RT Shads

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Pro Lure Clone Prawns

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 Daiwa Steez Soft Shell

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