Getting Jigging With It

Slow jigging isn’t a new tactic for targeting hardfighting (and often delicious!) deep water species, but it is a very specific technique that can take some time to master. This month we’ve asked our resident slow jigging expert Tom Gray to give us his breakdown of what to do to get the best results from this awesome style of fishing.

Right gear for the job

Contrary to a lot of other styles of fishing where the angler imparts all of the lures action with expert manipulation and a subtle flick of the wrist, slow jigging requires a very specific rod and reel to do the job.

Slow jigging rods like the Oceans Legacy Slow Element PE2 and the Grappler Slow Jig PE3 are both great, purpose built slow jigging rods. Slow jigging rods are very supple, but have a lot of low end power to stop big fish.

The key aspect of a perfect slow jigging rod is its soft tip and parabolic bend which allows the angler to gently lift the jig off the bottom with minimal effort and likewise let it flutter slowly back and attract that all important bite. Obviously to get the right action out of a purpose built slow pitching rod, you need the right reel to match.

Tom has been using a couple of proven performers in the Abu Revo Beast 40 (single Handle, Daiwa Lexa 300 and Shimano Tranx 300. These reels are perfect for the job with large line capacity and plenty of line gathering power for when you need to stop that fish from finding the reef.

It’s all in the wrist!

Once you have the right rods and reels for the job, the next most important part of the puzzle is the retrieve. Tom’s big recommendation here is to resist the urge to impart an exaggerated action on the jig by lifting your rod aggressively and winding too quickly.

The secret to slow jigging effectively is all in the wrist. Use small turns of the handle of your reel and the natural soft tip of your slow jigging rod to gently lift your jig up off the bottom and then let it flutter back down into the strike zone (most of your hits will happen on the drop).

The only real variation will be on how many cranks of the handle you use to initiate a bite. One or two winds of the handle and your imparting a shortfall approach, more winds of the handle and you are using a long fall action.

Over the top approach

When slow jigging, remaining over the top of your target is imperative. Tom likes to use his electronics and anchor (Sounder and electric motor and sea anchor) to position the boat over the top of his target.

This is a really important part of the approach as you really want your jigs slowly fluttering down to bottom like a wounded and dying baitfish and if you aren’t directly over the top of your jig, you end up with more of a sliding type motion on your jig than that horizontal flutter.

To help maintain that all important horizontal flutter, Tom has also recommended running assist hooks on both the top and bottom of your jigs to help them lay flat as they drop through the water. It’s also important that you use as thin a PE line as possible and preferably with multicolour depth markings.Thin line helps your lure to drop through the water column with less resistance and the multicoloured depth markings, help you to keep your lure in the strike zone.

Fight the good fight

Once you’ve hooked a fish using the slow jigging method, you really need to pay attention to how to fight fish properly on a rod with such a slow action. Again Tom recommends using the rod's natural shock absorber ability to gently guide your fish to the net.

When using single assist hooks, you really need to be careful not to pull hooks by fighting too aggressively. Lean on your fish and use the time old pump and wind technique to get your trophy to the boat.

Gettin jiggy with it!

When it comes to the best jigs for the job, there are a million to choose from. Like all fishing though it’s a great idea to carry a few different options to suit differing situations you might come across. At the moment Tom is having great success with the following:

  • Nomad Buffalo
  • Ocean Legacy Hybrid Contact
  • Berkley Skid Jig
  • Daiwa Kohga Jig

Hopefully this gives you a good starting point to go out and try this super effective style of fishing. As always if you have any questions, flick us an email or drop in and ask for Tom and we will be happy to get you pointed in the right direction.



May 2021 New Arrivals


Daiwa Certate SW 2021

For many inshore & light tackle anglers across Australia, Daiwa’s Certate reel has been the gold-standard of compact but strong spinning reel design. Now in 2021, Certate SW continues that tradition, evolving Certate into a realm of its own. Now available up to an 18000-size, Certate is ready to tackle all species from fresh to salt across the globe.

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Shimano Grappler BB

The new Grappler BB series from Shimano is an exciting and affordable saltwater series that sits within the existing Grappler family. Featuring the premium Shimano and Fuji componentry you’d find in a high-priced rod, the Grappler BB series has you covered for all aspects of saltwater fishing from casting, jigging and slow jigging.

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Nomad Large Lure Bag/Roll

The only lure storage solution designed to carry rigged 220 and 200 model DTX minnows and 200 and 240 size Madmacs. Can be used as a clip together Bag or a Lure Roll.

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Shimano Light Utility Jig & Pop Belt

The Shimano Light Utility Jigging Belt has been designed to provide support and comfort to anglers when fighting a fish thanks to the triangular bucket design with padded waist support. Lightweight and featuring heavy duty buckles with an integrated plier/tool holder, this belt is sure to be a favourite amongst jigging, popping and beach anglers alike.

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Daiwa Freams LT 21

The brand new 21 Freams LT is the first reel to feature brand new ZAION V construction. ZAION V is an evolution of Daiwa’s famous ZAION technology and enables the use of this material in reels much lower in price than ever before.

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Shimano Sephia BB Reel

Building upon previous generations of the Sephia BB reel family, the new models are built lighter and tougher. Perfect for getting the best out of your jigs and in turn, making it easier to tempt those squid into grabbing your lure.

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Shimano Sephia BB Rod

The popular Sephia BB range of squid rods are back and now feature Shimano’s class leading Hi Power X blank construction to reduce blank twist and provide a crisp feel. Shimano’s Soft Tube Tip has been incorporated to provide a strong yet nimble tip to ensure consistent pressure is maintained on the barbs to keep you firmly connected during the fight.

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Nomad Collared UV50+ Fishing Shirt - Fish Frenzy

The Nomad Design Long Sleeve Tech fishing shirts feature UV 50+ protection for the ultimate in sun protection. This performance shirt is made of 100% polyester super fine mesh weave fabric that features moisture wicking and quick dry fabric technology.

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