Running a business during a worldwide pandemic is certainly something we never expected and in all honesty, weren’t sure how to handle. The good news is that we are still here and despite the last few months, we are trading and looking forward to a strong end to the year!

There will still be some challenges with supply from some of our overseas stockists as the world as a whole tries to navigate the pandemic, but we are confident that we can continue to bring you Australia's best range, new products and expert advice. Check out some of the exciting new gear available this month as well as a sneak peak of some exciting new gear about to land on our shores.

If you aren’t currently on lockdown, give our team a call and get all the gear you need for your next fishing session!

Stay safe everyone and happy fishing from The Tackle Warehouse Team



13 Fishing 2020 Baitcaster Range

13 Fishing are known for their unique approach to modern fishing tackle and their new range has to be seen to be believed! These reels are amazing and have options for everyone from bass and yellowbelly anglers right through to mangrove jack, cod and barramundi anglers. See for yourself!


Daiwa Rebellion Rods

Daiwa’s new rebellion range of rods is designed to give you peak performance at a great price. Using some of Daiwai’s latest technology, the rebellion range has been developed to ensure light weights, long casts and super sensitivity. These rods will be a hit for all light sports anglers around the country.

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Daiwa Bitz Boxes

Daiwa’s storage solutions have always been market leaders, but the new bitz boxes are a step ahead again! Keeping your storage safe and dry is paramount and Daiwa have nailed if with this new range.

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Halco Slidog Range

Halco has a new dog in the hunt with the new Slidog 105 stick bait. Designed to be punched long towards the horizon searching for aggressive pelagics, this bait is sure to be a hit amongst aussie fishermen and women.

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Berkley Gulp 9” Jerk Shad Range

Berkley has shot the lights out with the new Gulp 9” Jerk Shad range. Designed to be jigged, hopped or skipped back to the boat on a medium fast retrieve, these large soft plastics will be dynamite on our reefs for anything from snapper, pearlies and large coral trout in the north of the country and are bound to be a go to bait for anyone chasing kingfish and amberjack.

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Bone Yoyage Salt Finesse Rods

Bone Voyage rods are creating a real reputation as not only giant taming rods, but also one of the best travel rods on the market. The new Salt Finesse range brings all the quality and versatility you would expect from Bone Voyage, but now is aimed at your light tackle enthusiasts. This spinning range of travel rods will be super popular with travelling anglers, chasing trout, bream, bass as well as any other light tackle species.

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Nories Metal Wasabi 18gm Hammered Range

This time of year around Australia, clued in anglers are chasing impoundment bass as they transition from their winter spawn cycle and the new Nories Wasabi Spoon 18gm Hammered is a must have lure for this type of fishing! The hammered finish not only gives off a sensational glimmer in the water, it also slows the fall rate of this amazing spoon, making it irresistible to schooled bass.

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Berkley Gulp Rub-on Scent

Berkley Gulp lures have always had a scent that drives fish (and some anglers!) wild, and now you can buy it in a tube! This amazing scent is a great addition to any lure presentation and gives you even more chance of drawing a bite from wary fish. Add it to your favourite soft plastics, but also don’t be afraid to add it to your hard bodies, spoons, squid jigs for an extra bite incentive.

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Daiwa Aird - X 2020

AIRD is a name synonymous with affordable quality from Daiwa, with AIRD LT reels setting the bar for small spinning reel performance. Now, that same evolution is here for rod design, with the introduction of 20 AIRD-X. Featuring Daiwa’s BRAIDING-X technology, AIRD-X blanks are more powerful than ever, and have been made lighter by the use of new finishing techniques to reduce unnecessary weight. This reduction in weight improves blank sensitivity, making 20 AIRD-X the most sensitive rods in this price point Daiwa has ever produced.

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Daiwa 20 HRF PE Special

A baitcaster reel developed for long-casting performance with braided lines, HRF PE Special combines a special PE tuned Magforce Z cast control system with Daiwa’s famous TWS system for unparalleled casting performance. The new HRF PE SPECIAL is equal parts strong as it is refined, with a heavy-duty brass drive gear making this reel fit for purpose in Australia’s north. A high-speed PE tuned level wind is specifically made to lay lighter braided line evenly, avoiding line dig and preventing untimely breakoffs.

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Before we leave you this month, just a quick shout out to everyone of you that has placed orders, dropped into the store, left a review or commented on any of our social media posts over the last 5 months.

Trading through an unprecedented pandemic is a testing time for a family owned business and we are grateful to our loyal customers for all of the support we receive.

We can’t wait for this bloody virus to be done so that everything can return to normal, but until then, we will do everything we can to continue to bring you the largest range of fishing gear and the best advice and service in Australia. Fish while you can people!